If you don't do sports,

You'll Regret it later in Life.

The Argument

There are a lot of kids out there who love sports, they are even famous for them. Then there are a lot of kids who don't want to do sports, they should do maybe at least one. There are tons of kid who feel like they don't belong, but they have never played before. There are tons of sports out there you can play, it's fun and you can make a lot of memories.


  • You get to see your friends

  • The results pay off

  • You get to see yourself get better

  • You learn about sportsmanship

  • You'll make a lot of memories


  • Your homework might get backed up

  • You'll have a lot more responsibility

  • You'll get sore and tired

  • There will be a lot of pressure

  • Your parents might have to spend a lot of money

The Big Picture

Although it is choice, athletics are very fun and important to do. You don't even need to do a sport, you could run or join a gym. Living to be 90 is starting to be a thing in life, if you don't do something to keep your health up, your looking at about being 67. Sure you have P.E. in school, but that's not enough. You can go home and play video games, watch T.V., and sleep anytime you want to, but you'll only get a limited number of athletic competitions.

Parents Encouraging Their Kids to do Sports

There are tons of sports out there that kids could do, find one that might be fun for them. Studies show that 70% of kids who started sports at a young age end up quitting by the time they are 12. If your child is spending a lot of time on the bench then take them out of the sport. Don't make the scoreboard the whole part of the sport worry about how your child is doing. Don't force your kids to do sports, you might want to turn them into what you never were as a kid.

Why Don't Kids want to do Athletics

Some reasons kids don't do sports is because they might not understand them. Another one is that they had a bad time with a team they played on in the past. There are gonna be tons of teams that you will be on in your life, don't narrow it down to one bad team. They might have not found the right sport for them. There are hundreds of sports to play find the one you like best.


If you didn't find this interesting, then sports are not for you. However, if you did like this then I hope to see you on a field or court sometime.