Science Fair Project

By Jessie S. Underwood

What is It?

Well this project is based on your memory. There will be a few different types of music you are going to listen to. Then you will look at each picture for 60 seconds(1 minute). There will be There are 4 pictures to look at you only have 60 seconds though to remember what was all in the pictures. So then next you will have to sit alone and listen to music for about 5 minutes without the pictures. After that you will be pulled away from listening to music then you will tell me what you remember what picture you saw it in, and what you saw.


my hypothesis is that they will remember some things but not everything, but thats okay because not everyone has perfect memory. So yes, this project is based on your memory, it can be fun or it can be... BORING.

Background Knowledge

I know it is easy for some people to remember things, but not everyone. So you do not have to get everything in the pictures.


You will be based on your memory. You will listen to music and look at pictures for a minute then I will take the music and picture away from you and you tell me what you remember in the pictures.