water pollution

water pollution means human contamination

What it is

Water pollution effects everything in the ecosystem, because it is one of the world's biggest threats. Water pollution causes typhoid fever due to the chemicals it spreads. Water pollution kills fish and makes them unsafe to eat. Only about 50% of all people who have their own water supply have tested it for safety. Annually the waste that enters the ocean usually exceeds 90,000 pounds.
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How it is caused

Major factories are a big water pollution cause, but now there are laws that limits the amount of pollution that can be caused. Cars that go over streets frequently dirty the road, so when it rains or snows and the snow melts. after the snow melts, it runs off and goes into a water source of some kind, polluting it. when people throw cigarettes out of the window of their car, they run off and get themselves in a water source of some kind. All of the terrible chemicals in those cigarettes pollute the water a lot. this also happens when people do any sort of basic littering.
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What people can do to stop water pollution

Don't throw your trash in the water, put it in a garbage can. Start taking public transportation services to cut down the gas pollution. Only use as much water as you need, because fish and other things need that water, too. Find a safer way to transport oil. When you go to a beach of any kind, do not leave any trash or food or the tide will catch it, and pollute the water. If you have an oil leak in any automobile, don't take it on the roads. If it rains, the water will take it to a body or water, releasing all of those chemicals.
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How it harms other things than us

When toxic gases fly up into the air, those gases are carried by the wind into clouds, intoxicating the clouds. So when it rains, those chemicals rain down on everything. This is called acid rain. when somebody fertilizes a field of crops, it is watered afterward. Not all of the water is used to water the crops, so the water will run out of the crops, and somewhere else, like a major water source. An oil spill is bad news for anything that lives in water. even sea birds that only eat fish are harmed by this, because the fish are poisoned. all of these things harm almost everything in the ecosystem.
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