Digital & Traditional Art

Digital is "Equal"

What you'll learn

  • What Digital and Traditional art is
  • Advantages of Digital & Traditional art
  • Disadvantages of Digital & Traditional art
  • The Skills need in both Mediums to produce well- made art

What is Digital & Traditional art

  • Traditional Art is the term used to describe work using paper, canvases, wood, etc. with paints, pencils, ink ,pastels, charcoal among many other things.
  • Digital Art refers to the work done in a drawing program on a computer, using a mouse and keyboard or drawing tablet.

Advantages of Traditional & Digital Art

Some advantages of Traditional art are:
  • accessibility
  • control
  • Can be done just about anywhere

Some Advantages of Digital art are:
  • Larger variety of color range
  • The accessibility of tools
  • Ability to easily fix an error

Disadvantages of Digital & Traditional Art

Some Disadvantages of Traditional
  • Cost of materials
  • Overall mess of the medium ex.( Cluttering & Spills)
  • Difficulty in fixing a mistake late in the process

Some Disadvantages of Digital Art
  • Hardware damage or loss of equipment
  • Software errors
  • Cost to fix hardware damage

Skills needed for both Mediums

Some Skills needed for Digital Art
  • Knowing what specific tools are used for.
  • Learning how to use and adjust layers and layer masks and effects.

Some Skills needed for Traditional Art
  • Learning the techniques for the different areas.
  • Knowing what tools can be used with different areas.

Overall Skills needed
  • Learning proportion
  • Using careful color selection
  • knowing how to add shade or tone to a piece

My Mentor

  • Name: Lisa Place
  • Occupation: Multimedia teacher at Bunn High School
  • She helped me by reminding me of techniques previously learned from her class, and helping me create custom brushes for Photoshop.

My Product & Tools used


  • My product is A digital piece of artwork and a few traditional pieces of artwork.
  • I chose to do more traditional work due to me being more familiar with the medium.

Tools: Traditional

  • Paper: Canson 9x12 in. 140lb pressed watercolor paper
  • Pencils: 0.5 mm H.B & 0.7 mm H.B
  • Paint: Simply Watercolor 24x12 ml color

Tools: Digital
  • Program: Photoshop CC 2015
  • Tablet: UGEE model: M1000 wireless stylus
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My Strengths

  • Passionate about the subject.
  • Determined to get the project done.
  • Enjoyed the process of making the products

My Weaknesses

  • I still need practice with my tablet and drawing program.
  • I kept redoing pieces of the project.
  • Over working my wrist, causing me to take longer breaks

Obstacles Faced

  • The first traditional work was damaged via ink spill and deemed unusable.
  • My computer at home would not work properly with my tablet, so I had to do all the digital work after school.
  • It took some time to get my drivers for my tablet installed on a student accessible computer.
  • Difficulty meeting with my mentor when we both were available.
  • I had a period of art block that lasted two weeks.

What I Learned

  • I learned how to keep a steady pace when it came to doing my artwork.
  • The importance of deadlines.
  • Learned how to use techniques, create brushes and layer effects to help with my work in Photoshop.
  • Taking notes, and observing other artist that I follow really helped me with the process.

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