What's News at Magee?

July 10, 2020


I do hope your family is enjoying summer and family time together! We have been enjoying both indoor and outdoor activities in and around our home. During this time while we spend more time at and around our home, we have been able to go kayaking, trail running, landscape our home, do some organizing, painting and tiling bathrooms is up next! I have also found some time to read. I just finished "Other Words for Home" by Jasmine Warga. I will also be sharing a few more with you in the coming weeks. We have been able to find the positive in this time and I do hope that you and your family has as well.

And, just because it is summer does not mean we are not planning for 20-21. We actually started this conversation before 19-20 was over. You may have seen coverage on the Fox 6 news and an interview with Dr. Deklotz, please know that the KMSD website does, and will continue to, provide updates. I will also provide updates specific to Magee as we plan forward.

I think the one thing that we do know is that school WILL be different. As a Magee community, we will need to be incredibly flexible, patient and understanding as we work through this. I would like to thank you in advance for your grace, understanding, patience and flexibility - which will definitely be the themes of the upcoming year!

WE ARE MAGEE, we are in this together, and we've got this!

KM Continuous Learners

Happy July! We trust that you and your child(ren) are enjoying some summer fun. While we haven't physically been together for several months our teachers continue to work to provide each learner a great learning experience when we return in September.

As in any other summer, it is imperative that our learners spend time each day as readers and mathematicians. Here is a document providing resources and guidance for each family. You will notice that we have updated our summer reading lists to include a wider variety of books that account for greater diversity in author and topic. Mathematicians should be using this summer time to focus less on algorithms and more on mathematical thinking and application. Engaging in these reading and math opportunities provide your learner with an easier transition and a lifetime habit of learning!

Enjoy the Wisconsin summer!

See you soon.

Some Things to Start Thinking About...

It is still early July but going back to school is not that far off. As we are deep into planning what next year will/could look like, there are some things we think we do know and thus wanted to share so families can prepare.

1. Getting back to a schedule for bed time and for waking up will be really important. It has been a long time since our learners had a predictable daily schedule. It would be good to start gradually so September is not such a struggle.

2. Given the need to maintain physical distancing, our lobby will not be open for learners before school. Learners CANNOT arrive at school before 8:20AM as there is not supervision outside of the school building.

3. Given the need to maintain physical distancing, lobby pick up after school will not be available. Right now the thought is to have either bus transportation or car pick-up. More details will follow.

4. The preferred method for arrival in the morning is car drop off or bus. If using car drop off, please have your child(ren) able to get out on the driver side of the car from the back seat. Children should have all of their materials on their lap ready to get out. For safety reasons we do not want students getting out on the passenger side as multiple cars will be unloading at one time. A staff member will be present for supervision and direction.

5. Students riding the bus may only ride their assigned bus. Switching routes to go to someone else's house will not be accommodated.

6. Students will need a re-usable water bottle as shared drinking fountains will not be available. Bottle filling stations will be available. Please label the bottle.

To stay up to date on Kettle Moraine Planning for 20-21, there is more information on our website, click HERE. The site will be updated as we get closer to the start of school.

Lunch Bunch!

Wow! I sure have missed seeing all of your faces! I will be hosting a lunch bunches on the following dates:

July 14 at 11:30AM

July 21 at 12:00 PM

July 30 at 11:00 AM

We will be sharing about our favorite things in summer, favorite books we have read, or sharing our pets. It is my hope to have everyone on the call share one of those things. We will meet at meet.google.com with the password of sterner.

I hope you can make it!


Registration for the 20-21 school year will open the last week of July. This is earlier than usual. It will be important to complete as soon as possible because families will be asked to indicate decisions for student learning and transportation in the fall. More information will be available prior to registration to allow families to make the best decisions for their own family.

Physical Distancing and Germs

The CDC puts out a lot of valuable information on its website. In preparing for the opening of school, we have found a few signs that are helpful reminders for our students as they return to our buildings. Practicing washing hands by singing the ABC song, or Happy Birthday twice - in their minds - will help prepare for the 20 seconds of handwashing.