Come to India's Independence Party!

India has finally won its independence, so now we celebrate!

India Is Having a Party!

Come celebrate this special event with us to celebrate our independence from Great Britain. Come, we'll have a BLAST!!!

India's Independence Party

Saturday, Aug. 16th 1947 at 6-10pm

New Delhi, India


What: February 15, 1947, India won its independence from Great Britain, so now we are having a party the next day to celebrate!!!

Where: This party will be held in New Delhi India

When: This party will be on August 16, 1947 from 6 pm to 10 pm

Why: We were under Great Britain's control for about two hundred years, so now we want you to celebrate with us.

What to Bring: You don't need to bring anything, but you can bring extra snacks and drinks if you'd like

R.S.V.P: If you need further information, contact the Indian National Congress