The Book Holes

A Treasure to Freedom


In the book Holes, kids who commeted crimes such as, stealing cars or clothing where sent to sent to Camp Green Lake for 18 mounths by order of the judge. Working at Camp Green Lake wasnt like doing the dishes or scrubing the floors it was back breaking work digging holes 5'deep and 5' wide in the desert. As the story goes, Kissing Kate Barlow, a famous outlaw, stole the treasure from Stanley's Great- Great Grandfather Stanley Yelnateses II back in the 1800's. She burried the stolen treasure in the desert so that noone would find it for 200 years. The warden knew of the durried treasuer by working with her grandfather as a child who was trying to find it. As the warden got older she became determind to find it and strated to put kids to work digging holes for her.
Stanley Yelnates and Zero, two of main characters in the story, had to wake up at 4:30 AM everyday just to dig holes. The Warden and Mr. Sir treated all the kids poorly by not giving them enough water or food, and not treating them with propper care. However, Mr. Pendanski treated the kids with more respect and kindness like he made it feel more like home by letting the kids call him "mom". Stanley was sent to camp because he was caught with shoes stolen from a famous basketball player. Zero was the person who stole the shoes and was seent to camp as well. Throughout the book stanley became a kid who didnt want to bother helping anyone. He changed by not having many friends in the bneginning but eventually had alot more friends and became more outgoing. Zero changed from being shy, not having many friends, and everyone thinking he wasn't smart to a kid that was kind, helpful, and intelegent. Zero made a deal with stanley to dig his hole and in return stanley would teszasch him how to read. Some series of events are, stanley dug up a lipstick tube with the leters "KB" engraved on it. One of the other kids, Xray, thought it would be better if Stanley gave it to him so he would have been treated with more respect by the warden. Another event was after the warden got the news of the lipstick tube she started going crazy and making them dig more holes than they before.