It's Deep, Dawg!

The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Mercer, New Jersey, 3 January 1777

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Artist Biography

John Trumbull was a Connecticut native that served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War and studied art in London, painting revolutionary scenes.

Art Critique

Characterized by bright colors and curvalinear lines, the Death of General Mercer highlights the scenic battle through illusions of movement and contrasting light patterns, illuminating the battle in an almost a glorified manner.

Story Truth

The innocent General Mercer lays wounded on the ground as his fellow patriot soldier defends him from ruthless oncoming British soldiers. Death and suffering surround the general who dies heroically for the American cause.

Happening Truth

At The Battle of Princeton, George Washington surrounded a small number of British troops. Outnumbering the British troops, the Patriots defeated them by circling them and catching them off guard. The battle concluded in a American victory and a casualty report of 18 dead, 58 wounded, and 200 missing troops while the British lost 70 men in the battle, with 70 wounded, and 280 soldiers captured.

War Story

During the battle, General Mercer was fighting hard, blazing across the battleground when suddenly the sun disappeared behind his head and he was struck, falling off his horse and onto the hard ground. His horse was struck as well, collapsing beside him, their mangled bodies bleeding red as the red coats still went after them, only a lone brave soldier standing between them and a sooner death.