Technology Class

at Lineville Intermediate School


In technology this school year we used many applications that allowed us to do many different things.


iMovie is an application that allows you to make movies and take a boring video and edit it to make it unique. You can add titles, still photos, music, and much more.


iTrailer lets you take small bits of video and photos and turns them into a trailer. Their are many themes to chose from, like scary where the music and text are scary, and adventure where the music and text is fit for adventure.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a program that lets you create slides (like power point) and add photo backgrounds and text. The photos are free to use or you can use your own.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything allows you to create slides but then add your own voice as you draw so you can explain the process. You can add arrows and shapes to point out certain things. Also you can highlight to make your point even more clear.

Go Animate

Go Animate is a fun application where you can make people walk and talk in funny ways and voices. You can begin with many different backgrounds and people. Also their are many props you can make your charachter hold.