Metric System Review

By Nate


In labs, we use meter sticks and metric rulers to measure length. We measure using meters, centimeters and millimeters.


We use a triple beam balance to measure mass. We use grams and sometimes even kilograms.

Volume Of A Liquid

In labs, we use graduated cylinders, beakers, and calculators to measure volume of a liquid. We use milliliters.

Volume Of A Solid

We use metric rulers and calculators to find the volume of a solid. We use centimeters cubed as units.
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Tiger Muskellunge

Fun Fact: The tiger musky is a hybrid of a northern pike and a muskellunge. They cannot reproduce. They also are a lot more skiddish than many other fish, so catching them can be difficult. Sometimes they will be caught on tiny bluegill or perch jigs. All in all, the tiger musky is an awesome fish.