Education Careers

Elementary School Teacher

Elementary School Teachers teach basic academic, social, and other skills to children in grades K-5.

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is a program that focuses on the application of pyschology to the study of the behavior of individuals in the roles of teacher and learner, the nature and effects of learning environments, and the psychological effects of methods, resources, organization and non-school experience on the educational process. Includes instruction in learning theory, human growth and development, research methods, and psychological evaluation. In order to have a degree titled, "Educational Pyschologist" you must recieve your masters or doctoral degree.

Religious Education

Religious Education is a program that focuses on the theory and practice of providing educational services to members of faith communities, within the context of a particular religion, and that prepares individuals to serve as religious educators. Includes instruction in planning and teaching lessons; organizing and supervising instructional activities; designing and developing instructional materials; and administering religious education programs and facilities.