My process throughout the year

~World History~ By: Kelsey

-The beginning-

When we first started working on our individual projects I had the big idea of using history in a way that helped me investigate whether or not the human body has gotten stronger or weaker over time.

Continued. . . .

I had a talk with Mr. smith on how I could make my big idea happen and we decided the best way for me to figure out my big idea was to look up every civilization, diet and physical activities that humans did throughout history. (All that I could find was in my goggle doc link on "Link to my research").

At Semester

Before semester I was still really interested in finding out the different diets, and physical activities humans did, but when we came back from break I kind out lost interest in my big idea. I then started working on other classes in this class because I wanted to do really good in all my other classes because I already had a 100% in this class. Also when I came back I tried to keep researching but as we started going into different periods of time, it was really hard to find exactly what I was looking for, so that's when I realized I didn't want to spend my world history class researching and finding nothing. . .Towards the end of the school year I decided I still needed to show what I have been doing this year, so I started to create a timeline thing. As I started it, I noticed it was really bland and boring so I stopped making it.
Big image

What I learned

Throughout my year with history I learned some cool things about humans in the past. I learned what they ate (the palyo diet) and what certain areas of the world did for physical activity. Which in China I learned that they did dancing, fencing, and wrestling for physical activity. Also when I learned about the different diets and which ones were the best for the human body, I decided to create a workout guide (what to eat and what exercises to do to prepare for a race) I did this because I am a cross country runner and I think what we eat and do effects our body is interesting. (In the picture above this). And by doing something I'm interesting in to learn world history, helped me be able to learn it better, remember it better, and stay focused as long as I did.

What would I do differently. . . .

If I could start over or continue my research, I would try my best to make my big idea less broad, so I could find exactly what i was looking for. And I think in the future I probably will continue my search on if the human body has gotten stronger over time, because I realized about myself that I think how the human body works is an interesting thing. I also learned about myself that I need to be totally interested in what i'm doing in order for me to always work on my project.


*I think what I did with most of my time was worthy because I always did the things Mr. Smith asked us to do and I tried my hardest to work on my big idea, I just lost interest because it was a broad and hard topic to look up and finish.

*What I've done this year could possibly make the world a better place because if people look what I did with my training guide, they could possibly become healthier and maybe even a stronger person.