7.1 Assignment

Misdemeanor Story

The Three "Noble" Men

This is a story of three men that lives in Virginia, very noble and religious people. They went to go pray at a church one Sunday night, but one of the men decided to go in the priest’s room. They found a golden cups, offerings, and silver plates. They decided to steal it, and when they finally left the church, someone saw them. The Witness called the police, and immediately the three men were caught. The cop decided to arrest them for Misdemeanor. The bail was set for 100 Grand for each man. The cop told them about indictment, and that their going to see a Judge. So the three men decided to get a Public Defender, because they can’t afford an attorney. They called the public defender; they all got a subpoena, and Arraignment. When the three men went to the court date, the Grand and Petit Jury was there. They Verdict the three men, and Plea Bargaining. When the Judge asked one of the men to talk, he decided to Perjury. Now, they are all convicted of a Felony and the Defendant, and the judges are going to prosecute them. The defender wanted an Appeal, but no. The men are now in jail for 25 years.