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Lion Pride News for our FOCUS Familes!

Principal's Message!

Dear Wilson Focus Families and Friends,

The seats may be empty at school, but our hearts are full with thoughts of you!

We are navigating new waters and know some of us may be facing the challenges that this situation may be bringing our way. We are hopeful that with the arrival of spring, you are each finding JOY! This unprecedented time has also given many of us more time to have dinner together, more time for conversations, more time to play games together, and lots of time for just hanging out together. My hope is we all find JOY in the little things each day.

WILSON FOCUS teachers are all working hard to provide learning opportunities for our students. We would love to see every student engaging through eLearning if possible. Our amazing teachers are available each day to connect with your child. We miss our students and our teachers would love to hear from their students.

Our last day will be June 12th. Our Spring Break is from May 18th through May 22. Teachers will resume eLearning activities beginning Tuesday, May 26th. Those learning opportunities will be available to you on Friday, May 15th, prior to break, for the week of May 26th.

It is our hope that we will end this year by finding meaning in our time apart. We know we will have greater appreciation for learning and each other when we are together again.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other.

Above all, find JOY!

Mrs. Jacobs

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Please join us in celebrating and thanking our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week by sending them an email or a creative virtual message. WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS!

Choose JOY! 25 Fun Things You Can Do to Choose JOY!

1. Google online and/or on Pinterest for fun crafts and games.

2. Play music or make up your own to the tune of your favorite songs.

3. Make instruments out of household items and have a concert.

4. Make a family gratitude jar/box and at breakfast each day, every person writes a note of what they are thankful for and drops it in the jar/box. Choose a day to read them out loud with each other. Set themes of the day. One day write gratitude notes about each other, next day write about school, friends, holidays, etc.

5. Bake or cook together. Share a favorite family recipe.

6. Plan a picnic breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack for outside or on a blanket in the house.

7. Make a fort/tent using blankets or sheets over the kitchen table. When it's done you can do schoolwork, read, or sleep inside.

8. Create your own journal or one with the family.

9. Use old magazines or catalogs and make a collage.

10. Draw or paint.

11. Make hopscotch games and art using sidewalk chalk.

12. Read to a stuffed animal or younger child in your home.

13. Take a family car ride around Lake Mahoney or to the Henry Doorly Zoo Safari Park.

14. Make homemade bubbles, paint, or play doh. (See recipe below)

15. Play board games, card games and yard games. (Google on-line and/or Pinterest for fun games to play)

16. Play the game, Fish Bowl. For directions Google on-line. https://www.wikihow.com/Play-Fish-Bowl

17. Create a Spirit Week for your Family with special things to wear or dress up as each day of the week.

18. Do a puzzle. If you don't have one, make one by cutting pictures from magazines in various shapes and then put them together.

19. Take a walk, bike ride, skate, scooter, etc.

20. Cloud or Star gazing. Lay on the ground during the day and spot shapes in the clouds and stars at night.

21. Plan a scavenger hunt.

22. Tie a piece of string or yarn together to play Cat's Cradle. Google on-line for instructions. https://www.wikihow.com/Play-The-Cat%27s-Cradle-Game

23. Make paper airplanes or paper fortune tellers. https://www.wikihow.com/Fold-a-Fortune-Teller

24. Make popcorn and watch a movie together.

25. Do something kind for someone. Write letters or make cards to send to family members; plan virtual or phone calls; leave a card, note, or treat for a neighbor or someone you love that lives alone. Be creative!