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Dr. Quiauna Scott, Superintendent

Measure K passed!

During the elections this past Tuesday, Measure K passed by 71% (two-thirds needed to pass).

Many thanks to those who worked to make it possible including the school board, district leadership, teachers/staff, parents, students, and community partners!

Below is a summary of the measure and specific purposes:


“To recruit/retain qualified, experienced teachers; maintain outstanding core academic programs/achievement in reading, writing, math, science, art; support the health/well-being of all students, and prepare students for college/21st century careers; shall the Emery Unified School District measure to levy an education parcel tax at 12¢ per square foot of building area for 9 years, raising $1,800,000 annually with senior exemptions, citizen’s oversight, no funds for administrator salaries and all funds benefiting Emery Unified School District, be adopted?”


Money raised under this school parcel tax Measure shall be authorized to be used to maintain and expand programs and services that would be at risk without enhanced locally-controlled education funding, including but not limited funding for:

(i) Recruit and retain quality teachers and staff.

(ii) Expand after school programs for all ages, including:

(A) Science and engineering programs

(B) College and career readiness programs

(C) Other enrichment classes

(iii) Maintain, strengthen and improve well-rounded academic curriculum and educational programs in the following essential core academic areas:

(A) Mathematics

(B) Science

(C) Career technical programs

(D) Literacy

(E) Music

(F) Visual and Performing Arts

(iv) Maintain, strengthen and improve programs and services in the following areas which contribute to student academic success:

(A) Health and wellness programs

(B) Counseling

(C) Tutoring and mentoring

(D) Student athletic programs

(E) Maintain up to date classroom technology

In short, the funds will be used to increase pay for staff (not administrators), professional development and student programming. There will be a collaborative process with the Board of Trustees, district leadership including ETA, CSEA, and stakeholders to ensure the funds are spent to address the needs of the district.

This is a huge victory for our staff and students...Many thanks to our community for voting YES!

Congratulations, Jayden Cummings, for winning the Congressional App Challenge! Please click the link below for additional information.

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