Josiah's Bucket List

Top 5 Activities

#1 Skydiving

If I got the chance to go skydiving I would go in Palm Jumeirah in Saudi Arabia. Physical weathering caused the island to form like it is. Water rushing from the ocean came in and carved out some of the land. Below is a picture of Palm Jumeirah.
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#2 Skiing

Skiing would be a very fun experience and I would want to do it in Innsbruck, Austria. They have plenty of ski resorts and slopes for people with all levels of experience. The type of weathering that occurred here was mechanical. Things such as landslides and flowing water or wind would have made the mountain as it is today.
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#3 Visit Mount Rushmore

I would want to visit Mount Rushmore because it's very historic and looks really cool. Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota. The mountain was formed by weathering over time, but the faces carved in were man made. Doane Robinson started the project to increase tourism in that area.

#4 Visit Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is located in China. I would want to visit here because it's a land mark that is world famous. The actual wall was man made, but the hills around the wall were formed by physical weathering. Water and wind formed these hills.
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#5 Wingsuit Flying

Zephyrhills, Florida would be my pick to go wing suit flying if I got the opportunity. There are great views and you can cloud surf too! Most places you wing suit are over cities and the weathering that happened there was physical, until us humans built over the land. Wind and water eroded those places
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Wingsuit Cloud Surfing - Zephyrhills, FL - Skydive City - Tony Suits - GoPro HD