University of Northern Philippines



The University of Northern Philippines is a distinct university which was established in 1906 and it holds the position of the country’s premier state university from two years in a row. The University of Northern Philippines is a renowned name for academic excellence, which attracts students from home and abroad.

University of Northern Phillipines is located in Barangay the city of Vigan. which is

the first and oldest city and offers low fees from 1906. Phillipines are third Largest English

speaking country and they have the best study atmosphere. and they provide US base


generally people like to be in good atmoshphere to study because atmosphere

is also a one of the reason to study better.those who study in phillipines would be

Authorised in world level.

Marianas is one the best medical insititute in phillipines that provides a strong culture of

USMLE preparation and gives largest supplier doctors ans nurses to USA. Marianas

education is Attempting to give Indian students to do the the mbbs which they deserve in