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Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks (1723-1770)

What was his life story?

Everything about him before the Boston Massacre is a mystery. He was born in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1723. It is theorized that his ancestry was a mix of African and Natick Indian. His father was "Prince Yonger a slave brought to America." His mother was "Nancy Attucks, a Natick Indian." It is believed he was a runaway slave named "Crispas". He whaled ships for a living.

What was the Boston Massacre?

Bostonian colonists rebelled at the center of town. " A fight broke out over rights not given to the colonists.(1)" This was on "March 5, 1770"

How did he get to Boston?

This is also a theory, but it is believed that he also made frequent stops at the Boston Harbor. This makes sense because he worked on ships.

How and when did he die?

He was the first one to fall. "his chest was pierced by two bullets" (2) On March 5, 1770.

How was the US impacted by this?

He is known as "a martyr for the American cause."(2). He was seen as a martyr and is honored as an "American hero" (2). "each March 5th as Crispus Attucks day to commemorate the turning point...(2)" There's a Crispus Attucks monument which was unveiled on 1888 at the Boston Common. He died for a cause which was for a voice in Parliament, I believe he would be more than proud of what happened after his death.



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