Welcome to

Ms. Alicia Kindergarten Class


The classroom will be dynamic. I will provide a safe environment by making sure all students will follow the rules of classrooms and practice safety precautions at all times during all activities.

This class will provide a positive learning environment through:

*Daily implementation of rules and regulations of the classroom

*Active learning experiences while promoting social development

* Respecting various learning styles

*A curriculum that is challenging yet is meaningful an age appropriate

* Understanding each child learning abilities and capabilities through record keeping, portfolios, and continuous observations.

Differentiating Learning

The goal of my teaching is to make sure that all students are learning regardless of there levels of knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences. in this class we all share the same goal which is learning. This will happen by the inclusion of these differentiation goals such as :

*Quality Curriculum- based on Common core standards

*Teaching Up- means that students should be working at difficulty levels that are just above their individual comfort levels.

*Respectful Task-they communicate clearly the attitude that the student's learning is respected

*Building Community-Teachers work to build a learning community where students help each other and share in each other's success(Puckett, 2013 )Differentiated instruction promotes thi teaching method by encouraging students to be active and responsible learners, and by asking teachers to respect individual differences and scaffold students as they move from initial learning to practiced, less supported skills mastery(Hall, 2003)

How will I meet Social/Emotional Needs

* Make sure that I provide a safe environment for the students

* Meet each student individual learning styles

* Will create lessons and activities to assist with social emotional development

* Encourage class participation and group projects

* Provide a positive, respectful, encouraging environment

* I will make sure that all students treated fairly and equally.

Elimination of students fear of failure and humiliation

*Students will be encouraged daily

* Student will be able to express feeling without criticism

* I will Teach students about respecting one another

* No disrespect, outburst, will be tolerated

* I will support children individual learning capabilities

* Students will not be humiliated, embarrassed, or made to feel anything but positive and enthusiastic about learning.

* minimize barriers and realize the strengths and challenges each student brings to learning(Hall, 2003 ).

Opportunities for Success!

*Making sure all goals and objectives are set for each student individual basis.

*Student will all be treated equally and giving the necessary assistance and tools needed for academic success!


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