Thursday's Thoughts

April 19, 2018

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State Testing

One more reminder of testing upcoming dates:

May 10th: 3rd grade ELA

May 11th: 3rd grade ELA day 2

May 14th: 3rd grade math

May 15th: 4th grade ELA

May 16th: 4th grade ELA day 2

May 17th: 4th grade math

May 18th: 4th grade science

May 21st: 5th grade ELA

May 22nd: 5th grade ELA day 2

May 23rd: 5th grade math

May 24th: 5th grade social studies

Teacher attendance is important always but is extra important during testing. Let's be present every single day for our kids!

Grid Paper

Grid paper is beneficial for students as they work out math problems because it helps them to align numbers. Be sure to provide grid paper for your students during math. If you need grid paper, just let me know.

June 5, 6, & 7

Please remember that the teacher work day will be until 4:30 on June 5th-7th.

Teacher Survey

If you have not completed the teacher survey on the SCDE website, please do so by tomorrow afternoon.

Online Tutorial

For teachers in grades 3-5, please remember to complete the online tutorials repeatedly. I know there have been some issues, but Mr. White has been able to resolve them. It is very important that your students are extremely familiar with the tools and layout of SCReady prior to taking the actual tests in May. In addition, we are able to work out any issues prior to testing as you work through the tutorials. The districts that scored the highest were those who had their students complete the tutorials four times prior to testing.

Upcoming Dates:

April 26th: Last Day for Goalpost

April 27th: Legacy Day

April 29th: Reading Allstars game

May 3rd: 1st grade field trip

May 4th: Retirement luncheon at DO for Carol, Debbie, and Dee

May 4th: Custom Keeper's names due

May 10th & 11th: Lattes for Ladies (Mom's for breakfast)

May 14th: Bookfair week begins

May 15th: Bookfair open until 5:00

Happy Friday!