High School Math

Updates 2014-2015

District Resources

All teachers should have access to the district Google Sites in their content area. You will find pacing guides, midterms, assessment samples, lessons and other resources aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study. Chairs, please share the sites with any new teachers or others who do not have access. You should give them "view" rights only.

Pearson Teacher Editions

Through Race to the Top we were able to purchase Teacher Editions for the Pearson 2015 Series of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra 2. Math I, II and III teachers will have online access to these textbooks which include the full TE, resource books and the Exam View Assessment Suite. Though we will not have new student texts, teachers will be able to utilize the resources which are aligned to our curriculum. The series that we have purchased is closely aligned to NC's Math I, II and III standards.

To set up your Pearson account and access these books, go to www.pearsonrealize.com

Our "school code" is 18-34-62

Math xL

Math I, II and III teachers and students now have access to Math XL. Some getting started info is located here. You will find the access codes for teachers and students, as well as some information on setting up your teacher account. You will have access to our new books within this system as well.

Additionally, one teacher at each of the 4 traditional schools will pilot this program with new laptops in their Math I classroom every day.

Department Chair Meetings

Meetings will be held in Spencer 102 at 4:30. Below are the dates but may be adjusted as needed. Some months we may only need to meet virtually.

September 8

November 10

February 9

April 13


Our funding was restored this year, so we will be able to pay for registration AND travel once again for anything up to through the regional level.

AMC 10 and 12


Regional Contest in Jacksonville (Levels 1 and 2)

Comprehensive Contest at UNCW

Please let me know who your contact for competitions will be. I will always copy the chairs on anything I send to the coaches.

Honors Portfolios

Any teacher that has an honors course and does not have an honors portfolio on file should complete one for whichever semester necessary. The courses that require a portfolio are Math II, Math III, AFM and Discrete.