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School Newsletter -- January, 2022

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Principal's Message...

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe 2021 is in the rear view mirror, and it's also hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the school year already. Our first semester of school will end on January 21st, and report cards will be sent home soon thereafter.

So far, the 2021-2022 school year has been another unusual one. I want to thank parents, students, and staff for your continued flexibility and adaptability. Despite the challenges of the year, the halls of Sunnyside continue to be filled with laughter, and classrooms continue to resonate with the sounds of learning. Together, we are stronger, and I appreciate all of you. Let's make 2022 a great year!

Mike Pagel


Dates to Remember...


10 - 14 -- FASTbridge Testing

17 -- MLK Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

21 -- End of 1st Semester



9 -- Quarter 2 Incompletes Due (6th/6th grades only)


FastBridge Assessments

During the week of January 10 - 14, students will complete some assessments known as FastBridge. FastBridge is a set of reading and math assessments that teachers use to measure student learning, and is completed three times a year. FastBridge scores help teachers to know what kind of teaching each student needs to help them grow, both individually and as part of the whole class.

2021 - 2022 Yearbook

Order your copy of the 2021 - 2022 Red Wing elementary yearbook today! Visit, and enter the school code 1566722. Once you enter the code, you will see that it says "Burnside Elementary School" at the top of the page. Don't worry, this is correct! All Red Wing elementary schools share a yearbook, but Lifetouch needs to have one school as the primary account within their system.

Orders are due by March 25, 2022!

December Winger Pride Winners

On Monday, January 3rd, we announced our December Winger Pride winners. Students receive Winger Pride tickets when staff catches them working hard to be safe, kind, and/or responsible, and their ticket stubs are placed in grade level buckets in the front lobby display. At the end of each month, we draw a winner from each grade level, each of whom gets to pick a prize from the prize menu, as well as a few school-wide winners of DQ gift cards. Our December grade level Winger Pride winners are:
  • Bradley Palmore (kindergarten)
  • Richie Nelson (1st grade)
  • Liliana Giordano (2nd grade)
  • Micaiah Hunstad (3rd grade)
  • Jojo Boelman (4th grade)
  • Kemper Thorson (5th grade)
  • Maddie Klitzke (6th grade)

December's bonus DQ gift card winners are:

  • Aidan Spencer (1st grade)
  • Natalie Hegseth (3rd grade)
  • Loreli Baade (5th grade)

Morning Drop Off Reminders

Families, I just wanted to take a moment to address a few issues we noticed cropping up in December at morning drop off time:

Please pull forward: When you drop off, please pull forward in the lane as far as you can. Traffic backs up quickly when someone stops short in the lane, people get frustrated and zoom around the stopped vehicle, and we had a few near accidents in December as a result. I'm worried it's a matter of time before someone gets side-swiped...

Signal and look before you leap: Afternoon pick-up tends to be more controlled, with the whole line of vehicles moving at one time. Morning drop off, on the other hand, tends to be more fluid, with cars coming and going more sporadically. As you move in and out of the drop-off lane, please look carefully and signal before you do. Again, we've had some close calls and did have a fender bender earlier in the year.

Don't drop off on Maple: Please drop off only in the main lot off Southwood Avenue. Every year, we have issues with a few parents dropping off near the bus entrance on Maple Street. This is not a safe or supervised area to drop off, especially with buses coming and going. Several years ago, a student was actually hit by a car in that area. Please take the extra minute to come around to the front of the building and drop off in the designated lane.

Flexible Learning Days (AKA Snow Days)

In the event of an inclement weather or snow day, the Superintendent may call a Flexible Learning Day.

A Flexible Learning Day means a school day where RWPS will offer access to online instruction or prepared activities provided by students’ teachers during inclement weather. Flexible Learning Days won’t replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, but it can provide better continuity when school is interrupted. There are a maximum of five flexible learning days per school year.

For grades K-6, students have been provided a packet of choice work to be completed within a week of the called snow day. That work can also be accessed here:

A Moment of Your Time to Help Students?

Red Wing Public Schools need your help. We need families to complete the Application for Educational Benefits. Even if you don't think your may qualify, you can still complete the form. Students in households that meet the free and reduced-price income guidelines generate additional money for schools from the state. By completing an application and being eligible for benefits, you can help sustain our funding for your child's educational experience.

Those who qualify for benefits may receive discounts through the Athletics and Community Education Departments. Furthermore, families may qualify for benefits under the Pandemic - EBT if eligible.

A printable application is linked HERE (Spanish HERE), and can also be completed online HERE.

Do I still have to apply even though meals are FREE this year?
RWPS is encouraging families to apply regardless of the current meal program. This is because families qualify for benefits beyond food.

Where can I access the application?
The application is located on the District website, -- under District – Departments – Food Service – Free and Reduced Meal Program – Apply Online.

What if I don't have access to a computer?
We can mail you a copy. What is your address?

I already completed an application.
Thank you!

Direct additional questions or concerns to Melinda Johnson at 651-385-4520 or

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