Journey Church

Weekly Update

Who Do You Want To Share Christ With?

Over the past few weeks we have been building up to this week's Easter Sunday service. We have been praying over people that the Lord has placed in our lives that He wants us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with. Are you ready??? Now is your perfect chance to invite them to join you at Journey for Easter service. All you need to do is pray and ask. Leave the rest up to God! We pray that you will take this great opportunity to bring any unchurched family and friends with you to hear the Gospel presented to them this weekend.

Note from Pastor Chad:

Hey Journey Peeps,Here are the five principles we talked about Sunday and I promised to send out to you this week. Please think on these questions and pray about how they might apply to your life:

1. Are you praying for a quickening in your own life, in the life of your fellow workers, and in the church?

2. Are you longing for greater power of the Holy Spirit in your own life and work, and are you convinced that you can not go on without that power?

3. Will you pray that you may not be ashamed of Jesus?

4. Do you believe that prayer is the great means for securing this spiritual awakening?

5. Will you set apart one half hour each day as soon after noon as possible to pray for this awakening, and are you willing to pray until the awakening comes?

See you this Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ!!!


Upcoming Events!

Spring Neighborhood Cookout!

Saturday, Apr 6th, 12-2pm

Clark St SW

Covington, GA

At Trailblazer Park in Covington just off the Square!
See details below!!!

Monthly Feed The Hungry Meal

Thursday, Mar 28th, 5pm

5120 Old Brown Bridge Road Southwest

Covington, GA

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to the plate yet again to provide food items for this month's meal to the hungry. If you can spend your evening helping serve this meal, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Secret Church

Friday, Mar 29th, 7pm

Eastridge Community Church Covington Georgia

If you plan to come to the Secret Church simulcast this weekend, we are excited that you have decided to take part! We will be at Eastridge in the main auditorium. Just look for our group and join in!