ELA Summer Standards Institute

ELA Content Standards Professional Development

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ELA Pathway: Building a Literacy Culture

The Standards & The Shifts (Module 1)
(Online) (In-service points)
Expand your understanding around the "Why" of the Integrated Literacy Units (ILU's). Understand how the current standards differ from previous standards and the necessary for instruction.

Text Dependent Questions & The Shifts in Action (Module 2)
(Online) (In-service points)
Understand that the reading standards focus on students’ ability to read carefully and grasp information, arguments, ideas, and details based on evidence in the text. Deepen your understanding in the development of text-dependent questions, whose answers require inferences based on careful attention to the text.

Volume Reading & Scaffolding Text Dependent Questions within Complex Text (Module 3)
(Live) (Paid In-service)

Expand your knowledge to help students grow as readers, through the use of volume reading. Scaffold instruction within a unit to create rich reading experiences in order for students to build important world knowledge, acquire additional academic vocabulary, gain fluency, and master increasingly challenging syntax, all of which are critical for reading comprehension. This interaction with complex text is slow, careful work.

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In-service points for ALL sessions!

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