Presenting Ourselves

Values/Standards/Principles = CHARACTER


Examine the importance of values to leaders
Explore how our values are determined and demonstrated to others
Moment of truth: determine what we really value based on:
  • How we spend our time
  • How we spend our $
  • How we treat others
Determine what it means to live a principled life

Write a personal mission statement

Lots of people have morals. Lots of people have courage. But few people have moral courage. It takes moral courage to take a stand when it costs you something. - Flip Flippe


Values Auction Activity

Class leader conducts a live auction. Each person has $500 to spend. Settle bid tie-breakers with rock/paper/scissors. Have them write down the items they won & for how much

Go to this link for the form


Jar Of Life - Put IMPORTANT Things FIRST!


Journal Questions

  • Why is serving others the best motivation for leadership?

  • Write about an incident where you had to make a tough choice that said something about what you valued. It can be a situation where you succeeded or where you blew it.

  • How do you decide what is right or wrong in your life?

  • Share your top 3 values and explain why you value those things

  • What can you do to begin to close the gap between your values and the way you live your life?

  • What do principles have to do with values and standards?

  • What one thing could you change that would have a profound impact on your life? What would be the benefits of this change? Will you make the change?

Additional Activities

  • Show a clip from a high value TV show such as The Cosby Show. Then show one from a low value TV show. Compare the values of the families in the show.

  • Have students interview their grandparents or someone of that age about how values in our culture have changed through out the years.

  • Discuss and write a paper on Charlton Heston’s speech “Winning the Cultural War”

  • Analyze Moral Relativism (Debate a trending controversal topic)

  • Skits - In small groups, have each group come ip with a skit to perform for the whole class where someone has to make a decision based on a principle that the person has embraced.