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It's all about engagement

Recent years brought a big change in retail & restaurant businesses. Customers became emancipated and are more and more willing and wanting to participate in the whole business process. Consistent customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence are essential to any thriving restaurant or any of your businesses.

If any brand or service wants to survive in the future, it must have a crystal clear marketing and customer engagement strategy. By setting up a long term plan and implementing an effective loyalty program throughout your company portfolio, you would expand your customer base amd achieve great sales results.

Customer engagement should become the DNA of your entire business. Culinary world is primarily about enjoying ourselves and getting together. This is the reason, why the customer should be a part of YOU in order to shape presence and create the best out of future. A good recent example of a well executed program could be found here

A well thought-out engagement strategy needs to be naturally complemented by strong online presence, use social media and regularly evaluate ongoing campaigns, utilize effectively each marketing activity, focus on the core business, look for synergistic business opportunities, have strong and friendly relationship with journalists and medias, regulary inform customers and employees about news and novelties, and be extremely customer focused.

Great and lasting results are not about big budgets, but about consistency, creativity and innovation accompanying your great product.

Here are some of my yummy accomplishmets ...

Apetit piknik

The conception and organisation of the Apetit piknik in Karlín has been my biggest carrer accomplishment thus far. Popularity and business results of the event exceeded the most optimistic expectations. The goal was to bring an original, fun and relaxed food event to the city center, where people can taste home made food and simply enjoy themselves. The event helped the Apetit brand to reach new readers and bound with the existing ones, strengthen its brand and brought new sources for advertising income.

True Tea brand building

As a freelancer for the Czech producer of original ice teas, I worked as a Idea maker and developed brand, marketing and PR activities to establish its position on the market.

Hellmann's Brand Building

As a Brand Builder for Hellmann's, I planned, developed and directed marketing, on-line, media and PR strategies in CZ/SK/HU and SI. I also pioneered implementation of social media strategies into the marketing mix.

... and here are some of the other tastefull ones

  • With my present employer Ringier Axel Springer I have been in charge of brand management of several brands and projects from different segments. In 2012 I launched the most succssesful virtual mobile brand BLESKmobil
  • I possess experience of brand building, digital marketing, event production, brand creation. Furthermore, as an effective communicator I can expertly launch PR and branding campaigns across digital, social and print media. Being a customer service orientated professional, I also have knowledge of how to analyze data to develop insights in which way a particular marketplace is heading.
  • I spend 2 beautifull years living, studying and working in San Francisco, where I worked as a teacher, B&B manager, personnal assistant, store manager ... and much more :)

Something more personal about me

I would describe myself as a:

  • confident, driving individual who reacts quickly to change.
  • self-starter with a strong sense of urgency who responds positively to challenge and pressure.
  • fast learner who is a practical and problem solver.
  • fluent and articulate communicator, flexible and responsive. A self directed, goal oriented doer.

Feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn profile, where you can find the complete summary of my professional experience. Also below are my contacts, where I can be reached anytime.