A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

The play of a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a amazing and very well thought out, leaving no stone unturned to find the perfect play. First, the special effects were varied nicely and very well thought out. A good example of this was how they always dimmed the lights in certain areas while others were dark so you could not see the props moved through the trapdoors. Next all the props look very real and you would think they were if you didn't know it was a play, using small details like these soon to be named made the play much more real feeling. It can be a tilt of a sign or the frost on some Windows but these all make the play much better. On the other hand, if you have already read the book or seen the play you will still enjoy the play because all angels get to see different views of the thrust stage and you will see some adaptions from the book. A good example of this was how the spirits left or entered the play like eith ghost of Christmas past and present. In conclusion I think this play is almost perfect and would not ask for more. The most amazing part was how all this came together to make a magnificent play.


Sacrafices Scrooge and I and made

Scrooge had to sacrafice his riches to help others like the cratchits and the poor and to fix his own fate. This was a sacrafice because before this, the only thing Scrooge thought about was money! I had to sacrafice many great friendships, my childhood, and my place of living for 6 years to move to Minnesota and live here.