The Giver

by: Lois Lowry ---------- Flyer by: Bill Jiang


Jonas is an eleven. He lives in a community in the future where everyone is equal. In this utopia, life is organized and follows a specific order. Jonas is about to become a twelve, where he will receive an assignment for the rest of his adult life. The day of the Ceremony of Twelve, he would be assigned the job as a receiver, receiving memories from the previous receiver. He was called the Giver. Jonas figures out that before these regulations were made; there was another approach to live. Sometime recently, families were more complete, you could see hues, and feel heat and chilliness. However there was additionally war, fear, torment, and misfortune. Jonas and the Giver believe that things ought to be how it was some time recently. So they think of a plan to give the memories back to the community. The journey to give back the memory was hard and deceptive. Be that as it may, Jonas proceeded and he made it.

Main Character- Jonas


Jonas is an intelligent 12 year old kid who can “see beyond”, which implies he can see colors. He was a kid who didn't know what was his life goal. However, it chosen for him by the Chief Elder to become a receiver. Jonas is prepared by the Giver to review memories of the past. As he learns about the many things that Sameness has done to the community, Jonas decides to step in and act. He realizes that the Elders have taken many things from their life, including color, feelings, memories, and choice. Jonas confronts numerous difficulties, for example, concealing his preparation and his voyage to Elsewhere, as well as receiving painful memories.

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Other Characters

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared." -The Giver

Questions About the Story

1. Do you think that the Giver made a big effort to prepare Jonas for his quest?

2. Where do you think Jonas and Gabriel ended up?

3. If Jonas decided to stay in the community, what might have happened?

4. What do you think happened after the memories were returned to everyone?


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This book deserves 5 hearts for it's great plot and suspense. The way that the character slowly develops over time is an outstanding work of writing. The only thing I disliked was the cliff hanger, but I know there's a second book. I rate the book 5 hearts and would recommend it to others to read. ☺