Dino life

As a velociraptor stalks its prey he calls to his pack so they can help him on this hunt. the pack comes and sees the old iguanodon. The pack splits into two groups. one group chases the iguanodon while the other group waits to ambush. The old iguanodon gets lured into the velociraptors trap. The velociraptors jump on the iguanodon [ 5 minutes later] The iguanodon eventually dies of blood loss the velociraptors are VICTORIOUS!!!


Carnivore dinosaurs hunt in many different ways. Some carnivores hunt in packs one part chases the prey the other waits to ambush. Sometimes a two tyrannosaurus will hunt together. Other times a carnivore dinosaur will get as close to its prey as it possibly can and then jump out of the grass and get its prey by surprise.

No More Dinos

Some scientist think that the dinosaurs died because a meteor struck the earth causing climate changes causing the dinosaurs to die. Other scientist think a volcano erupted causing the air to be filled with smoke making it hard for the dinosaurs to breath causing the dinosaurs to die. I think that there was a shortage in food causing the dinosaurs to die. Well I guess we'll never know UNLESS......WE......BULD A .....TIME MACHINE!!!


All carnivores have a couple things in common. The most obvious thing is they all eat meat any type of meat from another carnivore to a gallimimus. The second thing all carnivores have in common is that they have DEADLY weapons like sharp CLAWS and dagger sharp TEETH.The third thing all carnivores have in common is that they all have adapted to the food they eat. Oh and I almost forgot and this is another obvious one is that they all hatch from eggs.


When a dinosaur hatches from its egg sometimes a dinosaur mother is there other times a dinosaur will have to learn how to survive on its own. Dinosaur mothers [if there is one] will teach there babies what to eat if they are herbivores then probably grass,flowers and ,tree leaves.