Pravjeet Times

December 16 1933 Maycomb County By: Pravin Golee


On December 15 at around 1:00 AM, the whole neighbourhood was awaken. Everyone rushed outside to find Miss Maudie's house on fire. A group of men rushed into the house to retrieve some of Miss Maudie's special belongings. Shortly after, the fire truck came, they tried to but out the fire but the hose burst since it was too cold. Mr. Avery was saving items from the upstairs of the house when the stairs got burned out, then he had to climb out the window. He fell into Miss Maudie's bushes. The fire became too dangerous to get items from the house, so the men started backing away. The Abbotsville Fire truck appeared shortly to put out the fire. No one was hurt except for Mr. Avery, who is going to be a bit sore for a while. Even though her house had burned down, Miss Maudie said "I've always wanted to build a smaller house. Now I have a chance too"

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