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Well Informed Families, "Creating a brighter future"

At Nashua Family Chiropractic, we know that a well informed family is a happier, healthier family. We have arranged a series of health lessons from some of the brightest professionals in our area. We are building a community of natural health and wellness. Please join us and share with loved ones who can benefit from the power of this information.

Hot Flashes: dousing the flames with acupuncture

Thursday, May 14th, 7pm

3 Hardy Street

Nashua, NH

Join us as we explore a natural, holistic approach to treating hot flashes.
Admission is complimentary of Nashua Family Chiropractic.
To reserve your space, CALL: 603-880-4150

Wei Qi Acupuncture

Vicki Jessop is the founder and owner of Wei Qi Acupuncture. She is dedicated to changing lives naturally through the time tested practices of acupuncture. We are delighted to host her as she shares her healing wisdom.