It's Time for a CHANGE

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Shape your next decade

I grew up watching a 12" black and white TV, listening to 8-tracks and vinyls. We had an extra-long curly phone cord to talk from the kitchen to down the hall. I rode my 10-speed until after dark and my favorite toy-combo was a cardboard box and sock puppets. Until 1999, I made a living taking photos using a film camera. Then one day it seems life all changed. I didn't need what I need today, didn't buy what I buy today, didn't value what I value now. All of a sudden it seemed, it was time for a change because life changed around me and I hadn't adjusted.

Changing times needs a new approach, new strategy and a willingness to take a few risks. Even my Suntrust bank used coaches and teams of visionaries to navigate change during their recent merger. A decade ago did you know you'd need your phone as you do today, glued to your face as you do now? My mom never let me sit that close to TV before.

  • What might surprise you about the next decade?
  • What preparations might you need?
  • What tools, insights or people do you want next to you?

Don't get overwhelmed, get mindful. Have a courageous conversation and let's see what's new on your horizon. If shaping your next decade is important to you read this Time article on Young Leaders Shaping the Next Decade.

It is time for something different.

Stir the soul, poke the mind. It's time for something different-- Coach with Annelies.

Have a courageous conversation

Every day I slide out of bed, place my feet on the floor and state how grateful I am. I make a living helping people. I help them bridge between worlds of what was to what will be. A cross between a therapist and a shaman, together we imagine, reinvent, accomplish and heal. Together, we remember our humanity and that's a good thing.

We slay stress and overwhelm and navigate the choppy waters of change and the grief associated with shape-shifting life. Together, we make bold decisions that matter.

She said, "When I look back... I can honestly say it was you, coaching with you that has given me insight like I've never had access to before. I'm able to do things I only dreamed of. I'm able to change things I've never even considered that actually needed changing. Things that were holding me back. I didn't know I needed to release. And now-- I can't be more grateful that I started coaching with you. I'm just so grateful. My whole life is different, in a really good way because of you Annelies. My relationships, my work, my health...I'm more aware, more at peace, more aligned with who I am. This gives me hope and freedom. Wow. Thank you."

In the end, when a client feels ready to "graduate" from coaching they stand taller, feel stronger and look back with gratitude for what's been released and what's evolved. They're confident, bold and whole. They are at peace. They are hopeful. They are resilient. Knowing I make this possible for them makes my life worth living.

Whether I'm working with one individual or speaking to a conference room full of folks, I want people to know they are not alone. I hear you. I see you. You belong.

Stir the soul, poke the mind.

It's time for something different-- Coach with Annelies.

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