Picture Analysis


The author is trying to tell us that backs and whites didn't like each other during the time period. And I know this because the people are yelling at the woman in the picture. And there are police officers surrounding looking at the woman kind of weird because the blacks and whites go to school together know. And the black girl in the front looks nervous bout going to a white school.


In this picture the author is showing us how whites and black mixed during this time. And both the black and the whites are giving some resistances. But the the officers are forcing them to come together and combine. But there forcing them by pushing them and using weapons and both of the little girls look shocked.


In the's photos the similarities are that there both trying to get the black and the whites to combined together but both are either yelling or resisting like they don't want to combine and there officers in both pictures but on picture there just looking lost and in the other picture there forcing them to come together