Cole's Science Dragon Attacks Duck!

My reflection of what I learned

An introduction to me

I'm a student at Pioneer in Mrs. Smiths and I am in a family of 7. I like to do things that are fun, none in particular, "cough cough video games cough." Things that are dangerous are usually most interesting to me, like climbing with no ropes or riding dirt bikes.

Introduction to Science 6

In our first unit in science we started with microscopes. In this part we did many different labs and activities like the sand lab and the microscope packet. We were assigned microscopes and we did projects and worksheets on them, like describing what we saw and how it looks in different powers. Then we did the mini mapping section. We learned how to find the latitude and longitude on a map, which is very useful in the wilderness. We did some worksheet with the globe and where certain spots on the map are.

My Favorite Activity or Project

My favorite thing for science that we did would have to be the pic collage. In the pic collage we had to show a rule and what to do or not do. This is because of the freedom we had and the creativity at our disposal. We also got to look at other peoples pic collages and show them to each other. Then, it was a good way for us to learn the rules of science because of how fun it was too learn them.