Guided Math Groups

Brock Elementary

Why Guided Math Groups?

1. Learn Effective Guided Math Instruction strategies to boost student achievement and engagement.

2. Discover ways to overcome student's Math Reluctance and Phobias. Introduce students to math in ways that are nonthreatening.

3. Walk away with Practical Guided Math Strategies to Differentiate your instruction for small, guided math instructional groups.

4. Incorporate Children's Literature into your math block in meaningful ways!

5. Utilize Math Running Records effectively. Help plan your instruction strategically for all your students.

6. Learn ideas for using Number Talks and Building Number Sense that your students will love!

7. Explore Math Notebooks and how to effectively implement them into your math block.

8. See examples of how highly effective educators plan for Rigor in their math instruction.

9. Gain Math Gaming ideas for building Problem Solving and numeracy skills.

10. Challenge your top math students while addressing the needs of your struggling learners.

Guided Math Resource

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