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Why cook dinner.........when my mama??

Where Tradition meets innovation and creativity

Welcome to Andersons' Catering and Soul Food. We pride ourselves on being able to give you an experiene that is both nostalgic, yet unforgettable!! At Andersons' you will enjoy dishes straight from your grandmas southern kitchen, while enjoying dishes that your grandma never thought to create!! Here...some things remain and some things intertwine with the new!! is ALL good!!

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At Andersons' we are here for your catering needs, to teach you one-one how to cook like a chef, help you host a dinner party where you can cook (with our help) or we can cook (hired chef), to host a cook party with friends (group lessons) or to deliver your Sunday Dinner.

We are the Andersons' and our kitchen is where the soul is!!!

Treating each meal as a window to the soul, glue for a family, party of the century, or the way to his heart!!

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Pan Fried Dumplings

Sweet BBQ or smoked turkey and green bean with pork aujus or sweet and spicy bbq dipping sauces!!

Sale on this menu item ends 9/1/2013. Get three dozen for you catering event for 1/2 the original price!!! Or order them because you love em!!! One dozen for 1/2 the price!!
What does this mean?...??
36 dumplings for the price of $20.00!!!
12 dumplings for $8.00!!!
And these are handmade from scratch!!!
WOW!!!!! Not like your local chinese at all!!!!!