Cards For Claar Campaign

Get Well Cards for a speedy recovery for Mayor Claar!

All Clubs Welcome!

As many of you know, Bolingbrook's Mayor Claar recently underwent open heart surgery and is recovering at his home in Bolingbrook. Mayor Claar and the Village of Bolingbrook have been loyal supporters of our Kiwanis SLP programs.

If your clubs would like to put together a quick "Get Well" card for the Mayor, we will collect these at the upcoming Advisors' meeting.

This does not need to be fancy, just a simple and thoughtful drawing/ expression of our club's hope for a speedy and full recovery. The members can then sign it and all you have to do is bring it along to our meeting next week.

We'll take care of the rest!

Thank you for your time in this matter, and feel free to e-mail me or call me with any questions. Tricia 847-890-0169 or

All the best,