by: Tori

If you want to go on a wonderful trip you should go to Venice. Venice has gorgeous glass figurines, exciting transportation and interesting architecture. It’s surrounded by water and full of adventure! Venice is a great place to be.

Murano Island has a magnificent glass museum and is located very close to Venice. It has an area to watch people make their beautiful and intricate glass sculptures. There is also a gift shop where you can buy glass jewelry and decorations. All around Venice you will see shops full of delicate glass figurines.

Venice has a very unique way to travel. You can take a ride on a taxi-boat, gondola or a tour-boat. There are no roads in Venice and cars are not allowed. When you arrive at the airport or train station you need to take a boat to get to your hotel or home. But, there are sidewalks too. A relaxing, hand-rowed gondola is also a great way to see the beautiful city. Gondolas are like more luxurious canoes that are rowed for you!

Venice has beautiful buildings and canals. You can stroll through the narrow walkways or along the waterside. The canals in Venice are unique because there are stairs and doors half sunk in the water! Venice is being very slowly flooded. Even though you can not feel it, you can see its interesting results. The water is rising 0.04 inches a year, so you better come soon!

As you can see, Venice is a great place for an exciting and relaxing vacation. But don’t forget, there are also other things to do in Venice like the Carnival of Venice, where you will see shops full of gorgeous masks, and the Venice Film Festival. Every year celebrities like Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez, Zac Efron and Johnny Depp come to receive awards, maybe you’ll see one! So whether you like boats, art, dressy masks, postmodern buildings or film festivals you will always have something fun to do!