Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Break and enjoyed time with your families!

Museum Field Trip Reminder:

Wednesday we will be leaving school at 8:15 heading to Dallas to the Holocaust Museum, JFK Museum and lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse. Students need to be on time as the bus will not be able to wait for any students who are running late. Students should dress nicely with a jacket since we will be walking from one location to the next.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, January 6 - Field Trip to Holocaust Museum

Monday, January 18 - No School

Science News:

This week in Science we will be investigating Thermal Energy Transfer in the form of radiation, conduction and convection. Understanding these concepts will allow us to understand how radiation from the Sun heats the Earth and how convection within Earth's atmosphere creates wind as warmer air rises and cooler air sinks. This will lead us to our unit on Weather in which we will be learning how to read a weather map including high and low pressure systems and fronts.

Tutorials are available at the following times:

Tuesday and Wednesday after school until 4:15.

Math/Algebra News:

During Math class, we will be learning about slope, rate of change, and linear relationships. The students will learn how to represent equations with a verbal description, using a table, and graphically. The spring semester will help them get ready for Algebra I next year. It is very important not to get behind because each lesson builds on the prior lesson. If your child is absent, they will need to come to tutoring.

In Algebra class, we will continue our systems of equations unit. Students learned how to write systems of equations and solved them using elimination, substitution and graphing before the winter break. We will continue solving and writing systems of equations this week and solve systems of inequalities next week. Our next test over systems of equations is scheduled for January 15th.

Tutoring is available the following times:

Mornings 7:30 - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Afternoons 3:30 to 4:00 - Monday and Wednesday

History News:

We will be reviewing Unit #4: The U.S. Constitution this week and part of next week. Students will be learning about the issues surrounding the creation of the Constitution, the basic principles, the articles, and the Bill of Rights (1st 10 amendments). They will also learn about George Washington's presidency and the beginning of political parties. Our next Unit will cover the construction of our New Republic!

Tutoring is available the following times:

Wednesday - Friday Mornings (7:30-8:05)

**If students need an alternate time, they need to email me to figure out a time that would work the best.**

ELAR News:

This quarter we will be studying The Diary of Anne Frank (dramatic version) and the Holocaust. Our trip to the museum will kick off this unit and serve a two-fold purpose. First, we are there to, hopefully, hear a survivor speak and learn about the Holocaust. The students will also be there to view the layouts of the museums as their challenge for this quarter will be to research, curate, and create an interactive Holocaust museum!

Students tend to have a ton of genuine questions about this unit. Over the years, I have used the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's website as a guide for answering difficult and delicate questions about this topic. I have attached the guidelines for you all in the button below.

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Speed Winner: Megan Montgomery and James Lopez

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Taylor & McCaslin, Stephens & Riddick, Sciarrino & Winegeart, Smith & Fonseca, Smith & Wylie, Anderson & Van Sice, Keenan & Fetty, Morgan & Simpson, Welch & Earley, Dunn, Moore & McCaskill, Pennington & Sousa, Atteberry & Apodaca

Distance Winner: Allie VanSice & Cheyenne Anderson

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