Computer Repair and Sales

About Me.

I've been buying, selling and fixing computers since I was 12. I started my own business when I was 14. When I turned 16. I changed my name from ComputerWiz114 to TechiWizard. I fix, Apple Computers, Windows Computers, and Linux Computers. I also sell cheap 100% Working Computers starting at $95. If you need any help on your computer call me, I will only charge you a one time fee. I don't charge hourly like those other guys. If you have a virus I can remove the virus and freshly install an new operating system ( Windows, Mac, Linux ) for $50, that includes the operating system, the drivers, ( to make sound, video, wireless, ETC work. ) and labor. For $30 dollars more, I can install the latest Microsoft Office also. I'm very honest and nice to my clients. Call RJ today to schedule an appointment! I hope you choose TechiWizard as you will see the quality in my service and my professionalism.