Kyle Kelsey Egg Drop

BY: Kyle Kelsey

The Chickens Problem

The chickens were invading land. They need to get their eggs safely down and they need your help to build a contraption that will not have them crack.

The Materials You Could Use

* 2 rubber bands

* 20 cm 2 piece of cardboard

* 3 cotton balls

* 5 plastic straws

* 2 pieces of paper

* 5 packaging peanuts

* 50 cm of kite sting

* 50 cm of tape

* 20 cm x 20 cm of plastic bag

* 2 Dixie cups

*5 toothpicks

* 5 q-tips

*3 Popsicle stick

how we came up with the idea

We thought of a parachute and how they come down slowly. then we thought of a packaging boxes with the peanuts. SO me and Derek built a box and put the peanuts.

How We Built It

We made a box for the peanuts so if eggbert fell he would be safe. then we attached two dixe cups to rubber bands so the egg will never hit the ground. then we made a parachute so it would go down slower.

How It Works

The parachute will catch the wind and make it go slower then when it hits th ground the rubber bans will bounce and it will be safe