Multiplying and dividing decimals✖️

Multiplying and dividing decimals ✖️➗

We multiply decimals in money, like when you are getting change back or to figure out how much your total payment is. We also multiply gas prices when your trying to figure out how much you paid for your gas the number of gallons per mile. We multiply money in weight, like when your trying to figure out how much something weights altogether you multiply the numbers. We divide decimals in car payments when you need to get a new tires you divide the prices for the total of how much you paid. When you go to a restrant and your splitting the bill with lots of people you will need to divide the price into pieces to be even. We divide money. Ex: 35.57 divided by 1.2 = 29.64

When you divide decimals if the divisor has a decimal in it you hop your decimal in to the dividen and then you just divide like normal and when you get your answer you have to add the decimal in.