Lakeview and Ridgeview VLA

Official Back to School Edition

A Message from Mrs. Hanagan and Mrs. Richardson

We are ready! Hopefully, your student has been contacted by their team or individual teachers by now and are ready to start virtually on Monday. Please have your student login before Monday so that they are ready to go. If you have any technology issues, please see the article below to help you troubleshoot them.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your home school if you need anything. Your home school counselors are available if you need them, Ryan Max ( - grade 7 and Sarah Geiger ( - grade 8 (Lakeview) or Kris Owen ( - grade 7 and Courtney Smoot ( - grade 8 (Ridgeview).

Information on VLA has also been updated on the PLSD website so check the website if you still have questions.

Rachael Hanagan & Beth Richardson

Lakeview & Ridgeview Princiapals

Attendance procedures for VLA students

Students in grades 7-12 will self report in the Student Portal each period. At each grade level, the teacher(s) has the ability to confirm or override a student’s attendance based on their participation in learning activities; adjustments to attendance can be made with the attendance secretary or attendance designee for each building. Attendance Intervention Plans (AIP) are handled at the building level as well.

Students that are in the Virtual Learning Academy, will need to do this process (process depends on grade level) every day.

Please see the video and directions below.

Lunch for VLA Students

We will be offering 5 day meal packs for those students attending the Virtual Learning Academy. Please fill out the form below if you wish to participate in this program. Note: All meals can be picked up on Wednesday at either Tussing, Ridgeview, or Harmon, whichever school you select below, from 11 am to 12 noon.

All Order forms will go out on Friday. Deadline to order meals is Tuesday morning at 10 AM.

Please note that all meals are either Paid, Free, or Reduced. Please check our website for Breakfast and Lunch pricing and menu choices. Note that menu is subject to change.


Start With Hello Week Starts Next Week!

Start With Hello is a program that helps encourage students to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other. Here is a list of discussion questions and activities you can use to participate at home!

  • For Students
    • Different ways to say hello - Make a list of socially distanced ways to say hello, then send the list to your School Counselor
    • Introduction Part 1 - Send a message to one of your new classmates introducing yourself. Challenge yourself to reach out to somebody you don't know yet!
    • Introduction Part 2 - Send an email to one of your new teachers introducing yourself. Practice writing a professional style email.
  • For Families
    • Start with Hello! - Make Start With Hello part of your family routine. Greet each other with hello and ask questions about each other’s day
    • Virtual Inclusion - Talk about what respect and social inclusion look like on social media
    • Share your story - Tell your child a story about a time that you reached out to someone who was alone and in need. What happened? How did you feel afterwards?

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Technology Troubleshooting and Password Help

My student can’t remember their password / Their account says it is not active/ Issues logging in to Google accounts.

  1. All PLSD students have a Google Account, their username is their email address, which follows a similar pattern of (where the XXX is the last three of their student ID#.
  2. If the student is in grades K-4 please try their student ID + 00 as their password.
  3. If the student is in grades 5-12 they have created their own password.
  4. If that password does not work or your student has forgotten their password please fill out this form below and we will reset it as soon possible.
    • *Please only submit the form once per student. Multiple submissions will delay the response or cause more confusion with the passwords.

Please click the link for more technology troubleshooting tips.

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Bell Schedule and Elective Classes

There are some courses where the teacher only has 1 class of VLA and is teaching face to face the remainder of the day. These teachers will have a limited availability for VLA students due to the other courses that they are teaching in the building. When a student is scheduled in their elective class is when the teacher is available. Please see the schedule below for times.

7th Grade VLA Welcome Information

8th Grade VLA Welcome Information

8th Grade VLA Students can tune in on Monday to our Teacher Meet & Greet on Monday, August 31st! Please check your Social Studies Google Classroom and use the Meet code found in the top left hand corner.

Tune in by last name:

A - F (8am)

G - L (9am)

N - R (1pm)

S - Z (2pm)

We look forward to meeting you!"

Also, I'm sure you already have this but.... a friendly reminder to start checking Google Classrooms now