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AIESEC in USM TM Updates

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Hello my kangaroos!

Welcome to TM! I'm so excited to see our department forming slowly hahaha.

I hope you're still surviving this week! <3 If you're feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to DANCE IT OUT to your favourite song. And now that you're a part of the SPARK team, trust me when I say you'll be hearing a lot of our SPARK song haha!

And now that we've entered Term 15/16 (Day 7 of our new term!), it's time to get down to work!

Afrojack, Spree Wilson - The Spark ft. Spree Wilson

"But It's Study Week! Does the AIESEC Work Ever Stop?!"

Even though we're in full exam mode, it doesn't mean we stop being AIESECers. Being full-time student as well as an AIESECer is all about work-life balance. It's definitely challenging, especially in times like this where we're concentrating on finals. Buuuut Term 14/15 has been a really wonderful term (growth growth GROWTH!), and we're hoping that our results will pay off during AIESEC in Malaysia Award Night (AMAN) which is happening during NatCon. Aiming for oGCP award oh!

To achieve this, Front Office is in full sprint to Match, Match, Match!

oGCP still has 7 EPs to Match by June 15th!

iGTP has 7 forms to Match!

iGCP has matched 10 out of 22 total and they will have CEAD project Realization at the end of June!

It seems fucking impossible, but we won't go down without a fight!

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"What? How Am I Involved?"

As Back Office members, our priority is to support them. And we can do this by tracking on Team Minimums! We all know that as BO, our work is often invisible. But Front Office achievements are the whole LC's achievements, so we should be proud of them too! And wouldn't we be even prouder knowing that we supported them from behind?

If you think this award doesn't relate to you - don't forget something very important! Chi Yan and Rou Yi, you two were from oGCP, so this award is for you! And Bok Han, as a TMer, all the GTs and all the EPRDs you've been involved in ALL contributes to oGCP numbers.

All effort counts. =)

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"Team Minimums? Whaddafak Is That?"

Chill, my kangaroos.

Team Minimums are the 6 elements a team has to fulfill to ensure leadership development for Team Leaders and Team Members. The 6 elements are:

  1. Team
  2. Plan
  3. Job Description
  4. Training
  5. Tracking & Coaching
  6. Evaluation & Reflection

I include some content about Team Minimums on Google Drive, found below. Do read up on that. Team Minimums is under Bok's responsibility (Member Experience Team yo!) but right now since this our department's priority, we'll DO IT TOGETHER!

I will share the Team Minimums spreadsheet to you later, along with a How-To Guide, so you'll be able to use it to track the other departments. ;)

The tracking will be VERY SIMPLE and won't take longer than 10 MINUTES for each department as you will ONLY be tracking the VPs.

Bok and Rou you'll be tracking Team Minimums for Front Office departments.

Chi Yan, you'll be tracking Team Minimums for the Back Office departments.

And as for me, I'll be tracking your tracking, and I'll be on standby in case any of you need help. ;)

"Summer Holiday Ada AIESEC Jugak Ke?"

Besides tracking on Team Minimums, what we'll do right after exams is educating ourselves all about Talent Management. I'm sure that going into Term 15/16, everyone is feeling a little lost and nervous. "I don't know WHAT and HOW to do and WHERE to start!" We're all feeling the same way, even me! And we'll get through it together!

What I'd like to do is schedule a Skype session in the last week of June or the first week of July. During that time, we will set the ground work of our whole term, and it'll be a good preparation for us for NatCon as well as MRD.

As you've already heard, 7-13 July is NatCon week! Rou, even though you're not going, the content will be important. But you can wait for your Director to drive it down to you haha.

***Important Reminders!***

Rou, please change your email signature if you haven't. Yang Kwang has already emailed you with the instructions.

Bok and Chi Yan, do pay Julia for NatCon if you haven't. ;)

That's all from me this time round, Kangaroos.

Once you've finished reading all this, please REPLY to this email thread saying Kangaroo reporting for duty!

My Whatsapp, phone and email line are available to you guys 24/7!

Mama Kangaroo signing off! <3