Weekly Update

December 3, 2020

The Importance of Setting Family Goals

Families play a big role in young people’s futures. As parents, we want our children to have good jobs, good relationships, and good health. We hope they make a difference in our communities and world. We want them to be responsible, happy, and fulfilled. We want them to be and become their best selves. Many things affect our future. Many challenges are beyond our control. Yet, families can work together and make progress toward positive family goals, even in the face of setbacks and challenges. It starts with being goal oriented. Learn more about the importance of setting goals and what it takes to bring goals to reality by working together as a family.

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

The Keep Connected Program breaks down the steps for what it takes for families to become more goal focused. You can learn more about their work here by clicking this link: Set Family Goals Together Playbook

You Can Help Make the Holidays Brighter

The Dartmouth Community Support Drive has raised over $25,000 to help our community members in need. This generosity has provided an abundance of food and personal items for families struggling financially since COVID-19 began. Thank you to everyone who helped make life a whole lot better. Investing in our school community helps break down barriers while building a loving future for all.

Branham and Leigh High School Enrollment Information

The CUHSD is asking all parents with 8th grade students who are interested in attending Branham or Leigh High Schools to read the information in the attached PDF's below. It is their goal to help clear up any confusion regarding enrollment, residency issues, and transfer requests.

Important Upcoming Dates

Winter Break- No School: Weeks of December 21st and 28th

Second Quarter Ends January 7th

Teacher In Service Day January 15th- No School

MLK Jr. Birthday January 18th- No School