Novel Summary

A young boy named Yanek and his family live in Krakow Poland when one day the radio comes on and a man by the name of Adolf Hitler begins a speech. Though Yanek is not to concerned his family knows what is comming. As time moves on troops begin invading his village and Yanek is left in confusing as the village he once knew is ripped apart. After a close experience with the Nazis, his family goes and hides away on top of their buildings roof. After hiding away for months Yaneks family gets taken away in all different directions and Yanek is left alone. Now Yanek must endure the hardships of the holocaust alone and survive he Nazis mind games. Yanek ends up traveling from camp to camp waiting for his death, but will it ever come?


Yanek's life is carried throughout many different camps, but he never forgets what his true home was, Krakow Poland. Krakow was where Yanek grew up with his family and he never forgets that. Once Yanek was taken from his home his only surroundings were gated fences, small living quarters and death.

Main Character

Yanek Gruener, a young teenage boy from Krakow Poland, is forced to grow up a fighter as the world around is slowly tore to pieces. Yanek begins a little boy with his loving family who has no worries in the world but as Yaneks future gets dimmer and dimmer he begins to realize his true fate. As Yanek continues down his path he too is sent to work camps. Sadly as the work in the camps becomes more like a game of Russian roulette Yanek begins to lose his mind in fear of death. Yanek stays bold till the end of it all which to me makes him the strongest person I know.



Yanek and Anne were both born around the same time and struggle to live their lives as teenagers. Both of their lives end up making jurassic changes when the nazis invade their home towns.The path's Anne and Yanek take are not the same but have the same sceneries, gated fences and death. These two stories begin with two adolescents enjoying their lives as Jews with their families. As they continue on their journey they begin to endure more hardship of the holocaust. Both of their paths take ugly turns when their families are ripped to shreds by the nazis. At this point in the story there paths take different directions and unfortunately Anne's outcome did not turn out well. Both books were great reads that helped me understand how lucky I am but I enjoyed Prisoner B-3087 more because of the first person narrating style inside of the camps. Though Yanek and Anne both go through the holocaust with different paths their legacy and impact on others lives remains the same.


Prisoner B-3087 has unhindered my curiosity and opened up new interests that I have never ventured before. This book is filled to the brim with expedition and woe. It revolves around a young teenage boy who is hustled around camps fighting to survive. Follow Yanek as he goes through his life as a prisoner and experience what it was like to suffer through the holocaust.