Mokena Meteor Music

August 31 - September 6, 2018

What is happening in the music department?

Concert Band and Symphonic Band have had a very hectic start to the year with the LWMB Step Up and the Frankfort Fall Festival Parade. Things will begin to calm down this week and we will settle into a routine.

The Cadet Band is off to a great start. The students have been working in their Essential Elements Book to review skills from last year and were given their first piece of sheet music to start rehearsing.

Beginning Band students will start this coming Tuesday!!!

Sectionals are off to a fantastic start. We have had almost perfect attendance at every class. The students were given a quick assessment to determine where they currently are so that a plan can be made going forward for each student.

Choir had it's informational meeting and will start rehearsing next week on the 8th.

Important Information

Band Syllabus

Please check your child's grade in band to see if they turned in their Syllabus (4th graders will get theirs this week). If your child does not have a grade entered, I have not received their signed Syllabus. Please make sure they turn it in. Every day it is late, they lose 10 points.

Does your child have everything they need to be successful in band?

Please make sure your child has all of the supplies they need for their respective instruments. Below is a list of items band students should have:

ALL students should have a 1" binder and a pencil at EVERY rehearsal.

Below is a list of supplies required by instrument:

Flutes - cleaning cloth, slide grease (optional)

Double Reeds - reeds, cleaning cloth, cork grease

Clarinets - reeds, cleaning cloth, cork grease

Saxophones - neck strap (I recommend a padded neck strap), reeds, cleaning cloth, cork grease

Trumpets - mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, valve oil, slide grease

French Horns - mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, rotor oil, slide grease

Trombones - mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, slide oil, slide grease

Baritones - mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, valve oil, slide grease

Tuba - mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, valve oil, slide grease

Percussion - drum sticks, rubber mallets, yarn mallets


Please make sure your child has everything they need to be successful at their instrument.

Required Books for Band Students

We are still waiting for delivery of the books. As soon as we have them, we will pass them out and then charge your child's Charms account. I will notify everyone when that is done.

All band students need to have the following books for band rehearsals and Sectionals. These books will be charged through your child's Charms account. Please watch your account for these charges. All students MUST have these books. We will charge your child's Charms account once the student has received their book.

4 th/5th Grade - Essential Elements Book 1 (should already have purchased from Quinlan and Fabish or still have from last year) and The Simple Rhythmatician ($6.95) - TOTAL $6.95 (as long as you have your Essential Elements Book 1)

6 th Grade- Essential Elements Book 2 ($9.99), Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician ($9.95) and The Simple Rhythmatician ($6.95) - TOTAL $26.89

7 th/8th Grade- Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician ($9.95) and The Simple Rhythmatician ($6.95) - TOTAL $16.90

What if I Can't Attend a Performance?

If you know that your child cannot attend a performance, please let your director know as early as possible and no later than two days prior to the event. If we do not receive ADVANCE notice of the absence (except in the case of sudden illness), you will not be eligible for a make up assignment.

All absence requests should be submitted through our department website at this link:

This absence request is not for rehearsals or sectionals, only performances.

Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble will be offered this year!

Please listen to announcements to learn when and how to sign up for these extra-curricular ensembles.

Jazz will start the end of October and run through the middle of March.

Percussion will start in January and run through May.

ILMEA Audition Forms and Payment are Due September 5

Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade Band, Choir or Orchestra are eligible to audition for the Illinois Music Educators Association All-Star Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Jazz Band. The ILMEA festival days are a great opportunity to play/sing wonderful music with some of the best young musicians in the Chicago-land area.

Registration forms, audition and festival dates, and music have been available to download from our department website at The password to access the music is Music159 (case sensitive).

Registration for ILMEA Audition is due on Wednesday, September 5th with the $8 audition fee (checks made payable to Mokena Music Boosters). Late registrations will not be accepted.

This is a difficult audition, so students should only register to audition if they intend on spending a great deal of time practicing and preparing this music. They are competing with students from the greater Chicago-land area, so the competition is tough. I will be available for help if requested and scheduled, but the bulk of the music should be learned on their own.

The audition day is Saturday, September 29 at Summit Hill Jr. High School.

Thank you, and if you have any questions about ILMEA, please feel free to ask!

Issue with Charms and Gmail Accounts

Charms is having issues sending emails to gmail accounts. If you feel like you haven't been receiving all of the information from us that you should and you have a gmail account, this may be why. Charms has informed us that the issue should be resolved on December 1. Until that time, if you have a gmail account, please check our website frequently for information. Any pertinent information will be posted there along with these Newsletters.

As always, if you have any questions or feel like you may have missed something, please contact any of the directors via email.

How to Log Into Charms for the First Time!

Below is a short video walking you through how to sign into your child's Charms account for the first time.

How to Enter Practice Logs Into Charms

Below is a short video on how to enter practice logs into Charms.

What is an IBA Account?

You may hear the term IBA account and wonder "what is that?" An IBA account is an Individual Bank Account. Every student registered in Charms automatically has an account. Funds raised through IBA Fundraisers will be credited to your child's account and can be used to purchase any music related items such as booster fees, reeds, valve oil, and even music department trips, just to name a few!

IBA Fundraisers usually occur once per quarter. We will be offering one very soon. Keep watching for information.

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Help Support the Music Boosters by Shopping Online!

Any time you are shopping via Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile for your purchases. You can select the Mokena Music Boosters to receive a donation on your behalf just by making your regular Amazon purchase through them. It doesn't cost you anything and helps the Music Boosters fund our programs. This is available year round. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bussean.
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September, 2018

9/2/18 Frankfort Fall Festival Parade (Concert Band/Symphonic Band/Guard Only)

9/4/18 - First Day of Beginning Band

9/5/18 - ILMEA Audition Forms and Payment are Due

9/6/18 - First Day of 4th Grade Sectionals

9/18/18 - Music Booster Meeting (7pm at MJHS)

9/29/28 ILMEA Auditions (6/7/8 Band or Choir Students - Optional)