Mrs. Thompson's Class Word List

November 17-21

What are Sight Words?

Sight words should be recognized by SIGHT. “Sounding out” will not always work, and students should be able to read the word in 5 seconds...or LESS!

Our List:

  1. any
  2. buy
  3. done
  4. every
  5. many
  6. none
  7. only
  8. people
  9. trouble
  10. very

Home Practice Ideas

Sight words are one of the essential skills that you can help with at home. Practicing with your child will make a big difference, but it should be an enjoyable experience. Try this:

  • Spell the words in the car.
  • Open up your pantry and have your learner check food boxes and packages for sight words.

Sight Word Tips---for Parents!

  • Practice in short sessions. Two 8 minute sessions will be more productive than one 16 minute session.
  • If the child becomes frustrated, change activities or take a break. If this doesn't help, send a note to the teacher asking for suggestions.