Kohler Cougar News

April 24, 2015

What We Have Accomplished:

In Reading and Writing, we have been learning about the events leading to the Civil War and researching battles of the Civil War. We have been taking the notes we gather from our research and using them to help us write a letter from the perspective of a soldier during one of the battles. We have also taken time to read about life prior to the Civil War and have written journal entries from the perspective of a slave as well as biographies about well-known abolitionists.

In Math, we learned how to multiply and divide fractions as well as how to problem solve involving fractions.

What's Coming Up:

With state testing beginning April 29th (English Language Arts), we will be addressing topics in class that the students will need some background information or review prior to taking these test. Over the next couple weeks we will be spending two days to review Science topics and the remainder of the next couple weeks to introduce Math topics such as converting metric units of measurement, geometry, and coordinate grids. We will quickly go over each Math topic and complete reteaching pages to be sure the class has some background in these topics to feel a bit more prepared.


We will not be testing over Spelling for the next couple weeks due to the rigor of this year's state test. I feel the students will be exerting their best efforts during testing that they will need to rest their minds to prepare for the next day or round of tests.

Home Connection

Study Island

Please have your child log on to their Study Island account and practice some assignments under the Reading and Writing section and Math section. This will give them some added review and more background information in preparation for our state tests.


MAP Testing

-Begins Wednesday, April 29th

-Be sure your child has a set of earbuds by then

-Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and a nutritious breakfast in the mornings as well as a healthy lunch.

Important Dates

May 13th: Human Growth and Development Video (Permission slip to come)

May 15th: Leadership Day-Please feel free to attend to witness the great things our students are doing here at Warren to be learners and leaders for life

May 18th: 5th grade end of year celebration-This will be in the afternoon from around 2:00-3:30 (more information and invitation to follow)