Kylie Scott's Dream Vacation

Hawaii Facts

The place I want to visit is Hawaii. It is in the USA. I want to visit Hawaii because I want to go to the beach and go to Aulani Disney Resort and Spa. It is great because it is beautiful an has great beaches.

10 interesting facts:

. It is nicknamed the Aloha State

.Hawaii is the only US state with a tropical rainforest.

.Only US state that is made up of entirely islands

.Second widest US state

.Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee, cocoa, and vanilla beans

.Hawaii is one of four US states that have outlawed billboards

.By law, no building on Kauai is allowed to be bigger than a palm tree

.Hawaii has its own time zone

.A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party

. A lei is a gift of any of natures gifts ( flowers, leaves, seeds, nuts.)

. Lei is a wreath of any of natures


I will be staying in Aqua Aloha Surf Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. It will have a cancellation policy and breakfast included. It will have a outdoor pool and full service spa. There will be coffee and tea in the lobby with barbecue pits. It will have a dry cleaning service.


It will take 8 hours to get to Hawaii from Texas. It is 3,518 miles from Texas. I will be taking my friends Jenny and Cynthia. I will get there by plane . I will be using United Airlines. I will be staying there for 5 days.


It will cost $724 to get to Hawaii from Texas. It will cost $169 to stay in the hotel. I will bring a lot of extra money to spend at stores and things like that. I will be eating at the Goofy Cafe and Diner. I will rent a car and drive around town like that.


When I get to Hawaii I will go surfing and windsurfing. I will also go to Waikiki beach and relax. Afterwards I will go And do some other water sports. I will be awesome. I will also go on a bike tour with my friends.

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